Hard at work.... ish

2008-08-20 06:37:52 by Kaylos

I AM working on something, and compared to big shoes man, the art and style is MIND BLOWING (do note that it is in comparison)
Now I hope to have this submitted in the portal by the end of next week, but I wouldn't promise anything to anyone, as you can never tell what is going to happen to me or what problems I may encounter along the way!
I still need to come up with a generic opening logo/sequence that is to be added to all my flash videos from this point.... but I guess its hard without a logo....

Hard at work.... ish

Madness Day 07

2007-09-11 15:00:51 by Kaylos

I am going to add a Madness Day 07 flash to NG, shame i have hardley any fucking time! but i have made the models and you can see them on my D/A but not my S/A because it is gay and has crashed or something iunno -.- but yeh, its gonna have a friday 13th theme y'all thats all i am going to sayys (plush hopefully people will actually view it rather than BSM and I wont be such a noob) SO anyways heres a link to the models if you want to see em' http://kaylos.deviantart.com/art/My-Ma ndess-Day-07-Sprites-64660461

Heh Im lazy

2007-07-26 04:40:32 by Kaylos

IM lazy because i have an Ipod.......simple as really

I loooovee the new NG

2007-07-17 17:43:20 by Kaylos

The newgrounds Re-design is so kool, I hope to be finishing a flash to be posted, so i can celebrate the new design (note it will not be a new design related flash, it's actually one iv'e been working on for ages)