Madness Day 07

2007-09-11 15:00:51 by Kaylos

I am going to add a Madness Day 07 flash to NG, shame i have hardley any fucking time! but i have made the models and you can see them on my D/A but not my S/A because it is gay and has crashed or something iunno -.- but yeh, its gonna have a friday 13th theme y'all thats all i am going to sayys (plush hopefully people will actually view it rather than BSM and I wont be such a noob) SO anyways heres a link to the models if you want to see em' ndess-Day-07-Sprites-64660461


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2007-09-11 16:00:47

Cool! I dont' go on to random links.

Kaylos responds:

That is wise